photo Coen van Gennip -Owner

CEO ing. Coen van Gennip
Engineer in Computer Science, Communication Science and Business Development – Customer Satisfaction and Market Researcher – ISTBQ Certified Software Tester – BiSL Certified –  NIMA B Business Marketeer
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Flow: ‘The mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity.’

Whether it’s smoother business processes, successful projects or boosting online sales, it all starts with the flow.

When you are in the flow, everything seems to go effortlessly, it makes you happy. This is exactly what we want to achieve with your business processes, projects, websites and customer satisfaction as well.

How? First we will analyze your current situation and flows. The next step is looking for possible improvements in the flows. Eventually, we sculpt those improvements into a smart business solution or project.


Create: ‘To evolve from one’s own thought or imagination,
as a work of art or an invention.’

Creating added value
Whether it’s smoother business processes or projects or boosting online sales, it all comes down to one point: How can we create added value for your customers and staff and make them happy?

Creating business solutions
Creating a business solution? But that can be almost anything right? Yes! An app, a manual, a website or an efficient team. Say what? An efficient team? Yes for sure! Our business management goes beyond software. We aim to deliver a complete solution.

Creating through teamwork
Everyone is good at something but not everyone is good at everything. When our own team lacks a certain skill, we will work together with other industry professionals from our network to ensure that you get what you need, on time.


Go: ‘Move from one place to another; travel.’

Go live
It seems like simple step….but we know this is the most important step for you. The solutions are launched and the results are starting to show and you need to keep them flowing and going. But how?

Onsite and offsite support
We are here to comfort your mind. We will be available to your company during and after the launch. Because for us, a project does not end at go, it’s where you start with the new flow, so we want to make sure that you can focus on your business processes and do not have to worry about support.

We can support your team continuously, or we can provide training for your key-user before the launch. This way they will be able to keep the solutions running and provide in-house support to the rest of your team. We will also be on stand-by to assist them when necessary. If you don’t have team members who are able to fulfil this role, no stress, we will drop by as often as necessary to make sure you keep your flow.

Why wait?